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    Concrete Patio Contractors in New Braunfels TX

    Let Clarks Concrete Contractors handle your concrete patio and deck project in New Braunfels. You will love the results of our work and savor the joy of spending time outside on your new concrete structure. Our patio contractors can create designs that match your personality, so you don’t have to settle for a boring-looking structure.

    Our concrete patios are ideal for homes, churches, schools, hospitals, and any residential building structure. Call us today for your budget-friendly concrete patio quote.

    Concrete Patio Contractor in New Braunfels

    Concrete Patios Can Have Creative Designs

    Patios are a creative way to give your home a unique look and feel. They are also an investment that can increase the value of your property. Concrete patios give you the flexibility of personalizing your outdoor space. With a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. You can create a beautiful patio that is sure to be the envy of your neighbors. We offer a variety of concrete patios

    New Braunfels Concrete Patio

    Types of Concrete Patios

    • Stamped concrete - This type of patio is created by pressing a pattern into the concrete while it is still wet. The process also requires adding colors to create a realistic look.

    • Broom finish - Broom-finished patios offer you a rustic feel with functionality. This type of patio offers slip resistance and durability, which makes them ideal for pool decks or other outdoor living spaces.

    • Stained concrete - Staining your patio can give it a unique and elegant look unlike any other. The process involves applying a stain to the surface of the patio, which will permanently color it.

    • Exposed Aggregate – Exposed aggregate patios are created by removing the top layer of concrete to reveal colorful stones and pebbles which have been incorporated into the concrete. This type of patio is great for those who want more texture and visual interest in their outdoor space

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    Your Reliable Concrete Contractor

    At Clarks Concrete, we understand the value patios bring to your home. We have years of experience creating beautiful and durable concrete patios in New Braunfels, TX. Our concrete contractors will work with you to create a custom patio that perfectly fits your outdoor space. Call us today at (830) 660-8294 for a free quote and estimate.